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Nicoletta Cannone was born in Milan on 5th July 1967. Degree in Natural Sciences; PhD in Geobotany . 1994-2000: public officer for the protection of the natural environment (permanent position) of the Lombardy Region Government. 2000-2005:recipient of research contracts (University Roma Tre; University Milano-Bicocca; University Ferrara). 1st July 2005 - 31 May 2010: permanent position as researcher at Ferrara University 1st June 2010 -30 September 2014 today: researcher at Insubria University. 1 October 2014 up today: Associate Professor in Systematic Botany at Insubria University. Lecturer of: 1.Geobotany; 2. Management of Vegetation Resources; 3. Laboratory of Geobotany 1. Systematic Botany; 2. Vegetation biodiversity and Climate Change. Member of the editorial advisory board of Global Change Biology, referee for several international ISI journals Nature Climate Change, Global Change Biology; Journal of Biogeography, Geoderma, Polar Biology; Antarctic Science). Her research activities focus on the assessment and monitoring of climate change impacts on vegetation ecosystems in cold areas (high elevation and high latitudes). She participated to 6 research campaign in Antarctica and to 4 in the High Arctic. International collaborations: British Antarctic Survey, Alfred Wegener Institute, Istituto Antartico Argentino, KOPRI. Participation to international projects and programs: PACE (Permafrost and Climate in Europe); SCAR Program Latitudinal Gradient Project (New Zealand); SCAR project RiSCC, now SCAR EBA (Evolution and Biodiversity in Antarctica), Ant-ECO (State of the Antarctic Ecosystem). Author of international and national papers (27 ISI),oral presentations at national and international conferences and symposia.

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